You need to see Kick-Ass. I’m not even kidding. I saw it tonight and it was AWESOME. So awesome that I would see it again and totally pay for it (because tonight was a free screening — thanks again, Capone!).

I’m not great at describing why I love movies. I think I’m better at describing why I didn’t like a movie. I love movies because I love movies. Because I wish I was a filmmaker. Because I miss being creative and telling stories. The movies I love make me feel those, and Kick-Ass was no exception.

Also it helped that this movie had a killer little girl (literally), took place in New York (Queens, what what!), and had some of the old ultra-violence that was just so beautiful I wanted to die. I’m not typically one for violence or action but holy shit I was all about it here. Also did I mention it was funny? And that Nicolas Cage was in it and he was delightfully weird instead of creepily so? If this is the beginning of a comeback, then count me in.

"Okay you cunts... lets see what you can do now!"


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