Easter cookies

Look what appeared on my plate!

Look what appeared on my plate!

Friday lunch at work was okay this week though these cookies were delightful. Delightful, I said!

In other news, I ate a lot of food today. No surprise there. First, a croissant from Bittersweet on the way to voice class at Old Town. After class, I visited Uncle Mike’s Place for the first time. They serve Filipino breakfast. I didn’t take pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face and reading The New Yorker. My meal consisted of the following:

  • tocino (you can also have Spam or longganisa)
  • garlic fried rice
  • eggs (over easy)
  • sliced tomatoes and pickled diced onions

I also got the lugaw, which was perfect for what was a cold and wet day. It ended up being a lot of food. I could not finish it all! I took home some of the tocino. I bet it tastes delicious for breakfast tomorrow.


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