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“Justified” premiered this week on FX. Though Patrick insists on joking that Timothy Olyphant is really just Josh Duhamel’s bootleg brother, he really likes the show and I do too. The cold open blew me away (yes, that was a lame joke if you’ve seen it) and was a great way to start. Hope the series maintains this level of intensity and humor.

  • The Onion’s A.V. Club recap of the pilot [Avclub.com]
  • The Onion’s A.V. Club interview with Timothy Olyphant [Avclub.com]

Even earlier in the week, “Celebrity Apprentice” had its season premiere on NBC. Of course I’m watching. One of the contestants is Rod Blagojevich.  Fellow contestant and teammate Bret Michaels is blogging about it for Fancast, and he’s kinda great at it. His take on what happened in this week’s episode is here.

March 17 was St. Patrick’s Day. Andrea invited me, Ha, and her friend Magda over for a traditional dinner of corned beef and cabbage. March 17 was also the 22nd? 25th? anniversary of Andrea’s friend Magda (well, okay, now my friend on account of how she accepted my friendship request on Facebook) becoming a naturalized citizen. We talked about that quite a bit how we felt more like first generation Polish-American or Filipino-American as opposed to the immigrants we were. She emigrated as a child, and was naturalized as a child. I’ve lived in the United States for all but five years of my life. We’ll not talk about how much I procrastinated on getting naturalized in the first place.

I visited the Art Institute last night, mainly to cruise through the Matisse show that opens tomorrow. Being a member has its benefits, one of which is checking out exhibits before they open to the public. There were a lot of people at the museum anyway, because it was after 5pm and the museum is free Thursday nights from then until closing. So the preview was packed, mainly with middle aged people in arty, unstructured clothing and quirky glasses who hmm-ed and yesyesyes-ed to themselves as they inspected the work on display. They were fun people-watching but as ever my priority was cute boys. I was semi-disappointed. I didn’t fare much better in the modern wing with the William Eggleston exhibit. Where were the cute boys? Out enjoying the nice early spring weather, probably with their cute girlfriends (or boyfriends). Boo!

My friend Olivia is pregnant. She first told me back in January, when we were in France at the same time and spent the day touring Versailles.

I remember that morning so well now. Khloé, Jeff, Coco, and I caught the commuter train from Notre Dame. The train got full pretty quickly, mainly with large groups of tourists who seemed to hail from (when I eavesdropped) China, Korea, Brazil, and Spain, and Italy. Yes, that’s five languages I can recognize but not speak. This was the party train. People were all chatty, maybe a little too chatty for so early in the morning. For real, there was a dude playing an accordion in our car. The train arrived at the station, and we pushed through the crowds to find Olivia and Emmanuel. I saw her first, smiling from ear to ear, and as soon as I reached her she just blurted out “I’m pregnant!” like she had been dying to tell somebody. I squealed (sorry, it’s just what I do) and I engulfed her in a hug, and then Emmanuel got his hug, and there was a lot of hugging all around.

That was a good day.

Anyway, it came to mind because Olivia and Emmanuel went for an ultrasound (their first? I’m not sure) and they discovered they are having a boy! So now I’m going to become consumed by guessing what they’re going to name their baby while I dream of the perfect baby present to send them.

Olivia and Emmanuel


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