march madness

Sliders and onion rings at Primebar Chicago

Every day, Cynthia will ask me, or I will ask her these questions:

  1. What are you doing for lunch?
  2. What do you want to eat?

Every day, I say I’m going to go across the street to Au Bon Pain to get a salad. Instead, I usually descend to the basement cafeteria and get a cheeseburger.

If my doctor were reading this right now, he’d probably sigh and start shaking his head.

Today we walked to Primebar to see what they were serving up for lunch. When I was there for their practice night last month, I didn’t get to choose from the entire menu (though Kelly was nice enough to hook up me, Elisa, and Maurel with some extra bites). This time, the full menu was there for the ordering, and it looked great. Cynthia and I both got sliders, fries, and the blondie dessert. Delicious!

Blondie bite with ice cream and cashew brittle

March Madness began today. All the televisions at Primebar were tuned to ESPN, showing game upon game upon game. It was pretty exciting to watch, though honestly Cynthia and I spent most of our time indulging in some girl talk and reveling in the fact that for once we were not eating lunch hunched over our desks.


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