i like to watch: “Mother”

I saw Mother last night with Nite.

It. Was. Crazy. I tweeted last night that it was “Twin Peaks” meets Memento in the land of Oz. Though I think now that the land of Oz may be incorrect. As strange and awful as the story was, it felt too horribly human.

Nite likened it to “a slow wind up to a knockout punch” that sent his head spinning. The build up to this tension that was unbearable at times, maybe too much for this one couple that left early (or maybe they just didn’t dig it). I’m surprised we didn’t leave the theater with profound tension headaches.

PS: In case anyone is interested, Nite and I went to Noodles & Company for our post-screening snack of Japanese pan noodles. Also, we may or may not have made plans to have a movie night where we watch The Joy Luck Club. If that happens, we are so having “worst quality crabs” for our “best quality hearts”. Just saying.


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