at this very moment

One co-worker is talking about trying to return an item that somehow fell into her shopping bag at the grocery store.

Another co-worker is trying to make plans to see Avatar with some friends? family? not sure but she’s been having this conversation almost every Friday night for the last four weeks.

I’m trying not to fall asleep after eating two tacos, some chips & guacamole, some rice, and three small oatmeal and raisin cookies. My methods for not falling asleep:

  • Looking at my nail polish in the hope that its brightness will keep me alert.
  • Figuring out which Target to visit this weekend to check out the Liberty of London for Target collection.
  • Thinking about what kind of pie I’m going to bring to Andrea’s 3.14 Pi(e) party on Sunday. I don’t think I’ll be able to bake anything. I just ordered a pie from Hoosier Mama though they request 48 hours advance notice and they’re not open Sunday so who knows. Maybe I’ll bring a package of Oreo cookies and pretend they’re really tiny, hard Whoopie pies?
  • Writing this blog post.

I created a “Favorite Posts” page last night. These aren’t all of my favorite posts, but just a “best of” list culled from the list of most viewed pages according to my blog statistics. I think as I post more old flip fronts to this blog I’ll revise revise revise. But first, I need to sleep off the tacos.


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