I failed to register for BlogHer ’10, which has only parties only and parties/expo hall only tickets available. There is a waiting list for full conference passes. I have the sadsies about this because I had fun at BlogHer ’09 (my first conference). Also because BlogHer ’10 is in New York, and I could have totally seen the family then. Maybe I’ll go at the same time as the conference and crash some parties?

"No Baconfest '10 for Jasmine!"

I didn’t buy tickets for Baconfest, tickets to which sold out in 10 minutes. 10 minutes! People love their bacon, but apart from the fest founders, is there anybody out there who loves bacon more than me?

So instead of being sad about this for much longer, I’m going to organize Lumpiapalooza (not to be confused with this) for Saturday, April 10 (the same date as Baconfest) wherein I spend the day making and eating lumpia until I need to be taken to the hospital either for a burst stomach or a heart attack. If there’s anybody who knows how to cheer yourself up with food, that would totally be me.

lumpia by Flickr user Bisayan lady

Lumpia (Egg Rolls) by Flickr user 'Bisayan lady'



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3 responses to “lumpiapalooza

  1. Li

    “Loempia” is insanely popular here in Holland. Really!

  2. I did not get tickets to BlogHer ’10 either. I am also filled with the sadsies, but I’m going anyway. If nothing else, I’ll get a cocktail/exhibit hall pass. Or maybe I’ll be able to get one off the wait list.

    There’s a Baconfest. That is awesome. Pure awesome.

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