stuff i’ve been reading and enjoying

Poppy Buxom, aka “The Beauty Boomer”: Lately, Poppy has been blogging daily on 10 minute beauty and style tips for herself and other ladies of a certain age. The goal is to look 10 years younger in 30 days, and I think she’s been killing it. Check out this post on beauty triage.

Joel Johnson’s “Why I’m Funny”: Powerful, heartbreaking, brutal memoir of the years of sexual abuse Joel suffered at the hands of his stepfather. Joel is a former editor of Gizmodo, and currently writes for Boing Boing (among other sites and publications, I believe).

The Georgia Nicolson books by Louise Rennison. Because I’m fourteen, apparently.

Julia Child, My Life in France: I bought this last summer when Julie and Julia came out, but didn’t start reading it until a month ago. But then I discovered the Georgia Nicolson books and I got sidetracked.


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