singing and sushi

Saturday marked the start of a new session at classes at Old Town. Once again, I’m taking Vocal Techniques 2 with Gwen. Hurrah! Most of the students in class were not new, but there were new people fresh out of Vocal Techniques 1. We went around the room, introducing ourselves and revealing the following:

  • Name
  • What we’d like to be called
  • Our age (or something interesting about ourselves if not our age)
  • One true thing about ourselves
  • A guilty pleasure
  • Our favorite (not too fancy) place to eat

Many people cited chocolate as a guilty pleasure. Annie said she reads young adult novels (which I also do) as hers, while Camilla revealed that she’d just bought herself a Cricut. Jeffrey shared that he and his partner had just started the cabbage soup diet. We all groaned in sympathy.

We also did some exercises, sang some new songs, and talked a bunch about That 60’s Show. Gwen revealed the date for the next show (Sunday, June 20) and the theme (not sharing that yet). I’m excited about it, though, and can’t wait to start practicing in earnest in about eight weeks or so.

After class, I was ready to go home and do nothing, but the day was gorgeous. Also, Adrienne had texted me to see if I wanted to hang out. We ended up getting lunch at Sushi Samba Rio — delicious, and I appreciated that the lunch prices were not terribly high. I’d like to go back and check out their rooftop deck for drinks when the weather gets considerably warmer.

The meal would have been a perfect experience had I not accidentally walked into the men’s room and walked into a stall while it was still, um, occupied. Thankfully, the occupant was nice, and finished (thank god), and agreed that the signs were confusing. The men’s and ladies’ rooms are separated by some sinks, glass walls, and in the dim light I got, well, confused. Also, there are no locks on the stalls, and no attendants to tell you not to walk in on a dude who may or may not be finished peeing. Adrienne mentioned (after laughing her ass off at me) that attendants are usually there in the evening to direct diners appropriately. Okay, that’s great, but next time I think I may hold it for a bathroom better designed for a remedial pee-er like me.


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