karaoke queen

"Do I have something on my face?"

I got my nails done Friday night. It was the first time I’d gotten my nails done since November for Lisa and Eddie’s wedding. Yes, that means that I went to Paris, probably the chicest city in the world, with unpolished nails and ragged cuticles. My feet looked they belonged on a werewolf.

If the nail tech who sanded my feet,clipped my nails, and polished them with a brilliant, frisky red (“Bullish on OPI” by OPI, in case you were wondering) had decided to put on riot gear before attending to my feet, she would have been totally justified. Now, my hands look like they belong on a human. Observe:

My left hand looks timid

Afterwards, I had dinner at D’Candela with Elisa and Tommy. I had an empanada, aji de gallina, and an Inka Kola to wash it down. It was a lot of food. After dinner, we drove to Sidekicks for the Chicago karaoke Tumblr meetup organized by the WindyCity.tumblr.com. We didn’t see any Tumblr folks, so we got a beer at the bar and wondered how long we’d last. Eventually, we made our way up where we found Dean, Jenny, Devon, and Sarah. They had stickers and nametags and, more importantly, a table. A few more joined us for more talk and conversation, waiting and wondering if our names would ever get called to sing.

Sidekicks was pretty busy, and there were a number of large groups at the bar that night. Notably a group of women celebrating one of their number’s birthday. I think they must have flooded the DJ? VJ? KJ? booth with slips and a lot of cash, but we had to wait a long time before a Tumblr got called up to sing. Long enough that the gays of the Tumblr group were able to go back to the bar and do a shot together and be back long before Jenny finally got to sing Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. Earlier, Dean had sung 4 Non Blondes’s “What’s Up” but it was long long long long time before Jenny was able to sing.

The KJ didn’t like any of the songs I picked, which is total crap, as he actually allowed this chick (one of a large crew of girls celebrating some girl’s brithday) to sing “Been A While” by Staind. And I think we all know that song is SHIT. KJ blamed it on technical difficulties or whatever, so instead of Hall & Oate’s “Private Eyes” or Milli Vanilli’s “Girl You Know It’s True”, my new Tumblr pal Devon and I sang MJ’s “Man In The Mirror” while baby angels cried tears of unicorn sweat up in heaven.

Thanks for the video, Elisa. I nearly didn’t post it here because I look so damned fat but even I can see that the combination of a fat Asian lady and a skinny African-American dude singing a Michael Jackson song is comedy gold.


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