Happy 3rd Birthday DISGRASIAN!

Jen wrote a really awesome post about how DISGRASIAN™ got to be three years old this week. It’s a list (I love lists!) and starts with the origin of the word:

“DISGRASIAN.” Diana made up the word several years before the blog came into being to describe a co-worker who often wore socks with flip-flops to the office and ate cheap instant noodles at her desk every day. The girl’s worst offense, however? She totally lacked charisma–a cardinal sin in Diana’s book.

Being Filipino, and therefore of a culture that is brimming with charisma (seriously, people, Filipinos are some charming-ass motherfuckers), I can appreciate the lack of charisma as a cardinal sin.

The list continues!

Intern Jasmine. Intern Jasmine started out as a reader.  If I remember correctly, she put us on her blogroll, and I emailed her to thank her, and a friendship came out of that.  The weird thing is, despite exchanging thousands of emails with her, we’ve never met Jasmine, because she lives in Chicago.  But when we do, I have no doubt it will be, as Jasmine would say, awesome!

Actually, I nearly did meet Jen last year but it didn’t quite work out. We may all actually meet yet. I’ll be in Los Angeles later this year for a wedding so maybe we can make it happen? I’m keeping my chopsticks crossed.

So read the thing. And maybe write a haiku, too, so you can win tickets to KOLLABORATION 10. Or maybe just help me figure out what to get Jen and Diana for a third birthday/anniversary present. I looked up anniversary gift traditions on Wikipedia, and it said that the classic traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather. The modern traditional (oxymoron?) gift is crystal. So um, some fruit leather and a 2 liter of Crystal Pepsi should cover it, right?



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