bags & wings

I ordered two bags from Anya Hindmarch. They arrived from the UK in two days. They are awesome and adorable. They were packaged in these large striped envelopes, kind of like those interoffice envelopes you see in, um, an office. Look!

Anya Hindmarch striped envelope

So cute!

I was mildly obsessed with this copy of Why Paint Cats that Byl and Thom had at their apartment. I couldn’t believe that people would actually paint their cats to look like themselves, like other animals, or even like celebrities (like this pic of Charlie Chaplin on a cat’s bottom). Turns out I shouldn’t have been so naive. It was a sham!

Charlie Chaplin on a cat butt

I had dinner with Elisa Wednesday night. She said she was craving vegetables. Well, maybe craving is a strong word. I needed not to eat French fries. More importantly, my jeans needed me not to eat French fries. We went to Wishbone, where we had some healthy Southern cooking. Well, cheese grits, that’s health food, right?

Elisa told me about her weekend work trip to LA while I gave her the scoop on “That 60’s Show”. We talked about boys and whether or not we’re going to make the Chicago Tumblr karaoke meetup organized by this Friday. You know, girl shit.


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  1. Eukadanz

    You forgot to mention the carrot cake. That’s a vegetable.

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