The “We Like Thom” Party

We ❤ Thom

Last week, Jeff forwarded an e-mail from our friend Byl. It was an invitation to a party in honor of Byl’s boyfriend (and my longtime pal), Thom.

This Saturday evening I was planning on having a few people over as a surprise to Thom- no special occasion, just a little “We Like Thom” party.

I tell you, if Byl weren’t already dating Thom and if he were into the ladies, I would have been all over him.

What a terrific boyfriend! What a lovely idea! What a fantastic surprise! Instead of instantly resenting my friends for not thinking of throwing a “We Like Jasmine” party, I started searching the web to see if I could get about 50 “I ♥ Thom” buttons made before Saturday. I could not, alas, so I just told Byl I’d see him there.

I agreed to meet Jeff and Nite for dinner before driving up to Byl and Thom’s for the party, which meant that I had to run out of the Second City show I’d just attended with Khloé and Jeff. Thanking them again for inviting me out, I raced up to meet the boys at Falafill. Mmm, tasty deep fried chickpea balls and a puntastic name! Seriously, though, Falafill offers some tasty, healthy eats, and I do believe their fries are the best in the neighborhood.

No early evening out in East Lakeview is complete without stops at the Walgreens or the “Cruise-ibou”. We had to stop at the Walgreens, firstly because I wanted to see if my crush was there and secondly because I wanted to buy Thom one of those cards that plays a user-recorded message along with a clip of a popular song. I picked a card which played Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best”. I just crossed out the part that said “Grandma’s Birthday” with a marker and wrote in “‘We Like Thom’ Day”. It didn’t look half bad.

We made it up to Thom and Byl’s place, just in time to find Al (Byl’s accomplice) opening the apartment. We put away our coats, let in more guests, and decided that we’d hide in the dining room when the boys arrived from dinner out in Andersonville. Jeff got a text from Byl, saying they were three minutes away. But was that on Byl time, or Thom time? It wasn’t too long, though, before they came home and we stood, in wait.

Please, I beg you to forgive me my simply awful shrieking. Thom’s shrieking, though, I make no apologies for.


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