The monthly Gapers Block meetup was Friday night. It was at Risqué Café. I wore an oversized gray cardigan that probably could have been more flattering. But whatever, I was there for the $1 PBR tallboy special.

I guess I was there to meet people, too, but I’m not especially graceful about that. I’m not slick at all. I can’t sort of ease myself into a conversation and immediately make my presence felt with a witty joke about the topic of conversation. I’m more likely to just sort of pop in and say “Gosh, have you all noticed you’ve all got your arms crossed over your chests?” before awkwardly backing away.

But then, why would I want to insert myself into a circle of people who have all got their arms crossed over their chests? That sounds like a rumble to me.

I hung with Sheila and Sarah. Sarah told me about an Explore Chicago event that sounds like so much fun I can’t believe we have to wait until April for it to happen. I met a couple of new folks — John who is going to Thailand soon (jealous!), Ramsin who also writes for GB, and Ted who is a published author. I felt very unaccomplished in their presence. I forgot to say hi to some folks I’d already met (which is a particularly bad habit of mine), and drank my one beer. It was delicious wet.


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