a song for you

Cynthia came to my desk Friday morning with an invitation. Her daughter Ariel sings in an in-school choir, part of a larger program sponsored by Chicago Children’s Choir. Her choir, along with choirs from other schools, was performing at the Chicago Cultural Center. Did I want to go? Considering my previous lunchtime plan was to eat pasta at my desk while playing Sushi Cat, I said yes.

We hopped in a cab and arrived (late, of course). The Chicago Cultural Center is gorgeous, but there wasn’t too much time to gawk at the beautifully restored dome ceiling and stained glass as we had to find seats without distracting the choir currently performing. Plunking down in chairs right behind Ariel and her group, we pretended to act like reasonable adults. Or at least I did. If I ever have children, I fully intend to embarrass them in public every chance I get with too much affection and interest. Like, “Oh my goodness, child-of-Jasmine, is that the boy/girl you have a huge crush on? Let’s go say hello!”

The concert was the last of a series of concerts devoted to African and African-American music in honor of Black History Month. So while each individual choir would perform one or two songs from their own repertoire, there were a few songs that everybody knew and would sing together. The sound of all those voices, in what sounded like an acoustically perfect space, was just awesome.

Also the kids in their white shirts and red ties were just so adorable. Here is a video of some very small children singing:

Squee! Tiny tots singing about how they got a gal in Nashville. Here is Ariel’s choir:

Awesome, adorable, talented. I would have included their other song except that, um, all you can hear is me singing along and that’s something of a shame.

Alas, there is no video of everybody linking arms singing “We Shall Overcome” because it’s hard to operate a camera (even one as simple to use as my old Flip camera) when your holding hands and singing loudly. Ariel was too focused on her own singing (or possibly just ignoring me) to be appalled by how loudly I sang. But I couldn’t help it. I could not be stopped!


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