a few thoughts for later

Hi. Hello. How are you. I had this whole post written and then it disappeared because either I or WordPress is completely insane.

It wasn’t much of  a post anyway. But here it is, a little update since my last, um, update.

I spent Friday night at home, watching Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. It was really cute. I am now reading the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series. Elisa said she loved the books. The guy at Unabrided who sold me the first three books in the series said he thought they were hilarious. Good to know I am not the only old-ass reading young adult novels.

Speaking of which, what happened to my Adrian Mole movie?

Saturday morning was another class/rehearsal for the recital. I can’t believe it’s next Sunday. I think my voice is going to crack, I’m going to faint, and Gwen will have to shove me under the piano on the stage at Davenport’s so Linda can carry on for the both of us.

I had dinner at The Bristol Saturday night with Jacinda. More later but know that the food was tasty. The bone marrow is a two-person job. For real.

Sunday brunch was at The Southern with Elisa. We got the neighbor discount (thanks, Jim!) and excellent service. The food was pretty wonderful as well. After brunch we saw (don’t judge) Valentine’s Day where I made the mistake of drinking a large cherry Coke. I went home, promptly fell asleep, then woke up feeling awful. Low blood sugar! Even worse, I had, like, no food so had to eat some reheated white rice (why I even had that shit in my house in the first place) with leftover panang curry that must not have been so old as it didn’t smell terrible when I cracked the container open. Seriously, though, it was pretty scary.

So takeaways:

  • young adult books are always going to crack me up
  • I should eat at more restaurants that start with the word “The”
  • I need to stop eating stuff that sends my blood sugar spiking (duh)

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