where is the love

Because I am stupid, my username on OkCupid was pretty easy to track back to me in real life. I had to delete my account and create a new account with a new name. It’s not that I’m all that ashamed to admit that I like to use OkCupid (really, just for the tests, I swear) but it would have been easy to put my old name through a Google search and find me elsewhere and then where is the romance and mystery of on-line dating then?

So after I uploaded a pic, updated my interests, and specified what (or rather, who) I was looking for, I started taking the tests. The tests have been part of the OkCupid experience since the site was known as TheSpark, and are lots of fun. The tests aren’t used to match you to potential friends or mates. NOt by themselves, anyway. There are also loads of questions written by staff or other members. The more questions you answer, the better your matches should be.

I don’t take this dating stuff seriously (if at all). I like looking at pictures of cute boys and checking out who else lists Metropolitan as one of their favorite movies. I also like these love maps that the site sends to its members. These maps show you where, in your country and in the world, your best matches live. Also, it makes me think of the song “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love that damn song.

The last time I got these maps, my best matches for love stateside were in Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and California. This time around, the results were slightly different:


OKCupid Love Map for Jasmine - US

Again, pretty much the same only this time my home state of New York appears in the top five. I’ve never been to Oregon (repping the Pacific Northwest now instead of Washington). I don’t know anything about Vermont except from what I saw in White Christmas, and I’m pretty sure the role of Pine Tree, VT in that movie was played by a Hollywood soundstage. I’ve only been to Massachusetts to visit Wesleyan University as a high school student. But I love California, Los Angeles in particular because I know it best and it is the the city of residence of so many people I love.

As for those worst states, I can’t say I know much about them. Maybe they’re okay to visit but I have to confess that Wyoming doesn’t get loving on my mind. Though I have been invited to a July wedding in Jackson Hole. Perhaps if I go I’ll meet the cowboy of my dreams?

Back in August, my chances for some foreign loving were best in Iceland, Sweden, Israel, Norway, or Denmark. If I want to get my passport stamped, I gotta check out these countries:

OkCupid Map for Jasmine - World

OkCupid Map for Jasmine - World

Iceland still makes the grade, but it looks like central and western Europe are best, with Austria heading a top five list that ends with Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, and France. I was just in Paris to celebrate the new year. Maybe I should have spent less time looking for the closest Ladurée and more time looking for l’amour? My worst countries are probably my worst because I am American/Western, I’m not worried about getting married (yet), and I answered that religion question with the written equivalent of a shrug. Or maybe it was because I listed pork as one of my primary interests in my profile?


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