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That NaBloPoMo badge on my blog is mocking me. Today is February 8 and do I have eight posts to date? Um, no. Do I even have eight days worth of stuff that is worth reading? I have months of books I have to read. Hours of television to watch (though my late night “Torchwood: Children of Earth” marathon last week was good progress — and I’ve still got the bags under my eyes to prove it!). Years of music to listen to on CDs that I haven’t unpacked since I moved into my apartment three years ago. For these and other reasons, I feel like I am always behind. Boo.

A bunch of my friends had birthdays last week. I owe my older sister a present. I owe her something nice, too, as I failed to find her a souvenir from Paris. Her Amazon wish list, last updated in August of 2009, has items but I kind of wish it was more up to date. Maybe she’d like something from Design-her Gals? I got Jacinda some personalized notecards for her birthday, and she didn’t seem to completely hate them.

My brother tells me Joseline is interested in travelling to the Philippines soon, as well as becoming a naturalized US citizen (finally), so maybe a check towards one of those goals? Neither is cheap, though in the long run I’d vote for naturalization. Is this the part where I cue Lee Greenwood’s “Proud To Be An American” before inserting a video of me doing somersaults to “Yankee Doodle Dandy”? Seriously, being American has been pretty rad so far. Of course, I haven’t had to serve jury duty yet so maybe I should reserve judgement until then.

To get back to Joseline’s birthday present, though, it may just end up being a gift card to Sephora (so boring but so useful) and a set of Civics Flash Cards from the US Government Bookstore, study aids for the naturalization test (free PDF versions can be downloaded from here). After the test, you can use them at parties. Game night was never so patriotic.

I conveyed birthday greetings to Sean and Michelle by writing “Happy birthday!” on their Facebook profiles. Dude, I know, totally lazy but I think they understand. Cynthia and Jacinda, who have the same birthdays, are not on Facebook at all. At least I work with Cynthia — I think I may take her to lunch some place for a belated birthday celebration. I saw Jacinda two weekends ago for Hyacinth’s birthday. I didn’t call her on her birthday because I figured she was busy having fun fun fun but I was actually wrong. I e-mailed Jacinda to check that she got the Design-her Gals cards, and she had, but her birthday was less than fun. She had a bad migraine, which pretty much ensured she was spending the day in bed. I think the two of us need to have a girls night out. Not so much this:

We're awesome and our thighs don't touch!

More like this:

Four sarsparillas, please

I’m thinking back to last year when Jacinda and I tried to see Coraline but it was sold out so we ate Thai food, bought cupcakes at Molly’s Cupcakes, then brought our treats to the Skylark where we ate them with whiskey and tater tots. That was a lot of fun. Did I mention we were classy?

I spent Thursday night lying in bed, watching NBC because that’s what I do on Thursdays. Watch the comedy block then finish the night with “Project Runway”. As per usual, Patrick and I agreed (via our nightly IM chat) that “Community” and “Parks and Recreation” were far superior to “The Office” and “30 Rock”. Jeff tweeted that “The Office” and “30 Rock” were amazing, which I didn’t get. Maybe I hold them to higher expectations for the veterans of the night but why shouldn’t I? I feel like I’m waiting for Steve Carrell to announce his departure when really all I care about are Andy and Erin’s flirting (so refreshing after years of Jim and Pam), whether or not Oscar is going to ask out Matt the totally adorable warehouse dude, and if Kathy Bates as the new corporate overlady from Sabre (“Sob-ray”) will bring some real tension (and with it some epic comedy). As for “30 Rock” — I can’t put my finger on it. I enjoy the entire cast but is this show too much in love with stunt casting? At the same time, I absolutely cannot wait for the episode where all of Liz’s exes come back. The stills I’ve seen of  Jason Sudeikis, Jon Hamm, and Dean Winters look awesome.

Patrick’s started watching “Project Runway” again, which is a relief because I missed not having him to talk to during the awfulness of season 6. It’s nice to have designers back whose talent is not overshadowed by their personalities. But those dresses for the Campbell’s aDress Your Heart program? I wasn’t feeling them. No, not even the winning design.

Friday found me hanging with some bloggers at an industry night put together by Explore Chicago. Noshing on cheese cubes (I can’t believe I forgot to drink the champagne), I hung out with Marc of Feast of Fun, Michael of What’s A Boy to Do, saw a bit of Andrew, met Keidra of The Learned Fan Girl. I also met Blagica, Windy City Wine Guy, and their tiny baby. As far as I know, the baby doesn’t have a blog yet.

I finally met “The Woodlawn Wonder”. Yes, she of I Hate My Developer. My night was officially made. I showed her Little Known Black History Facts, my new favorite single-serving Tumblr, and I think her head asploded. It was awesome. Though I feel like I should apologize for bringing up R. Kelly as a topic of conversation. On the way out, I grabbed a tote and some issues of Poetry Magazine. So Friday night was great, even if the weather was crap and I ended up going to bed without any supper. Note to self: buy groceries.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good, though I’m trying to figure out why I get so damn nervous when I have to sing in class. We’re still practicing for our recital, now known as “That 60’s Show”. I’m still using my lyric sheet to steady my nerves, but I’m betrayed when I hold it with both hands because my left hand shakes like crazy. At least we figured out who sings which verse, what we do for the chorus, etc. Key is still G. Assuming I lose my nerves and sing the song without sounding overly earnest, there are other questions to consider. Choreography? Wardrobe? What do I do with my hair?

After class, I did usual boring Saturday adult things. Returned books to the library. Picked up prescriptions at Walgreen’s. Had a late lunch at the Melrose. I didn’t feel well enough to join Cynthia and her pals downtown for a belated birthday dinner at the Grand Lux, but I did have a nice dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen with Nite and Jeff. Stop judging. Yes, I know that I live in an amazing city with exciting restaurants opening all the time but sometimes you just want the white pizza with bacon.

When I woke up Sunday morning, my plan was to eat sushi for lunch then go to Uni-Mart to get food to eat while watching the Super Bowl. So that’s what I did. I missed happy hour at Hatsu Hana, but that didn’t stop me from over-ordering: soft shell crab, spicy tuna roll, and a whole bento box of tempura, rice, california roll, and teriyaki steak. The milkshake from Bobtail was just me feeling overconfident. I was stuffed. I couldn’t go home right away because if I did I’d just fall into a food coma and miss the Super Bowl.

I had two invitations for game get-togethers, one from Elisa and another from Kathy, but I ended up at home, eating lumpia and letting the dinuguan I’d bought for dinner get cold. Seriously, my lunch was just that fucking big. I digested, watched commercials, followed people’s updates on Twitter when Twitter wasn’t down. I can’t say that I have a favorite commercial though the  Google ad, “Parisian Love”, made me go all squishy inside.

I wasn’t keen on all the misogyny in most of the other commercials but if it weren’t for them how would I have known that the ancient and revered institution of masculinity was under attack? Thanks, Flo TV, Dodge Charger, and your brethren, for this important information.

In case you couldn’t guess, I was totally joking in that last paragraph. The game itself was exciting but I know nothing about football so maybe you should just Wikipedia for details. I think with the Saints win, the upcoming holiday weekend (which include the start of the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day), and Mardi Gras next week, people are going to be feeling festive (read: drunkety drunk) for quite some time. Laissez les bons temps rouler.


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