a quick one before i go to bed

So I didn’t make it to the Chicago Nerds mashup last night. When Maurel went to pay the parking meter, she noticed that Sopo, a bar down the street from the Mystic Celt, had $2 burgers and $2 beers. Sorry, nerds, but $2 burgers beat $5 burgers always.

We sat in the back, split a few appetizers, ate our burgers. Fries were involved also. Sadly, no tater tots (they were out) or garlic mashed potatoes (again, they were out). Macaroni and cheese was alright, the spinach artichoke was pretty salty though. Washed it down with a Purple Haze — delicious. Elisa and I showed Maurel how to use Twitter. She wasn’t sure she got it quite yet but if you can update your Facebook status, then I don’t think Twitter will be a problem, especially for somebody as outgoing as Maurel.

When I got back from the bar, I ended up watching the season premiere of “Lost”, then the “Doctor Who” special “The End of Time” which I’d been putting off watching since last year. I really enjoyed David Tennant as the Doctor, so I didn’t want to watch his final two episodes in the role. I held up pretty good until he was doing his goodbyes and went back in time to meet Rose on January 1, 2005. I was a wreck.

Now, I’m getting through “Children of Earth”, the “Torchwood” mini-series that takes place between season 2 and a not-yet-produced season 3. Or is it season 3? I have no idea. Anyway, I’m enjoying it even though I looked up what happens and know who dies. I will prepare myself to be surprised and miserable when that happens.


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