It’s primaries day here in Illinois. Although I think this is probably the last blog you’d come to read about the primaries, I thought you should know that I voted.

In fact, I overvoted. Being told that I overvoted by one of the helpful judges made me flustered. I thought I’d just been told I’d overeaten. Which, when you are fat and sweaty (I’ve been feeling warm all day — it’s been humid from all the snow!) and hungry, is not a great thing to hear in a room full of strangers. Well-meaning strangers. I did get another ballot, and I got to vote again, and this time I voted just right.

I am about to join the Chicago Nerd Social Club for the Monthly Meetup Mashup. I’m not really a nerd. I don’t think I am. I’m not really into sci-fi or fantasy. But I like board games and $5 burgers and Elisa and Maurel are picking my lazy ass up so I guess I cannot refuse. My laundry will have to wait another day.


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