I’m looking at almost ten years of blogging. TEN YEARS.

Come July 20, 2010, I hope to have some sort of awesome revelation from all this time spent on the internet. What kind of revelation could that be?

A revelation that will get me more readers, a book/tv/movie deal, and lurve from the internets. But seeing as how I’m not funny enough to have thought of “Shit My Dad Says” or sexy enough to blog about my love life or even fat enough to be a fat acceptance blogger (remember, I’m a “Jasmine acceptance” blogger and not much else), I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet.

With this anniversary in mind, I plan to put every single “news from the flip front”* up here. Yes, even the ones where I complained about people using their real names. I’ve found that using nicknames doesn’t really work. When you get called out by a former roommate at her own wedding for blogging about her, um, idiosyncrasies, you just have to embrace the fact that you are an asshole and deal with the blowback (I almost typed “blowout” here which then reminded me that I need a haircut) when it comes.

In happier news, I wrote something for DISGRASIAN™. Please read the post, called “Ask The Intern: Oh! Miso Corny”. It’s about pun-derful, possibly racist, nail polish colors. Please leave comments about how awesome you think it is and I am and how you think I should write there more often. Don’t believe how awesome it is? Read an excerpt below:

Colors like “Miso Happy with This Color” and “Beige-Jing” make me want to do a big old facegong — like a facepalm only with a gong — and yet I waso happy with this color.

* “news from the flip front” was what I used to call my blog. More on that later. I started thinking about a new name last year when I realized that people weren’t finding my blog when searching for terms like “Jasmine Davila is totally awesome” or “I saw Jasmine Davila wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.” but for naked pictures of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin or skateboarding tricks.



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3 responses to “decade

  1. My rule of thumb is that I never say anything in a blog about a current friend that I wouldn’t say to their face. But ex-friends, ex-roomates, ex-boyfriends, etc., are fair game.

    • That sounds like a decent rule. The call-out was after I no longer lived with her, and it wasn’t like when we lived together that communication was all that viable. She asked about the origin of the nickname at her wedding reception (as to why I was even at her wedding in the first place I cannot say – frankly, I was flattered to be asked), and I just sort of stammered something before I, along with some friends and her “man of honor”, ducked to a nearby dive bar. I think I’m lucky that’s the only question she asked.

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