home again home again

Eric J. brought these into work. Delicious.

I should be staying close to home for some time. Though I did get Sarah and Greg‘s cowboy themed “save the date” card in the mail, so the end of July may find me in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Sadly, the emphasis in that last sentence is on may, not cowboy themed, as flights to Jackson are, um, not exactly cheap.

Amtrak, you and I may meet again very very soon. We had such a good time when I went to New York last April. Note to readers: don’t bother checking the archives for a trip report. I still haven’t written one for that adventure, which is a shame, because I totally went to my 15-year high school reunion, rode the Staten Island Ferry for the first time ever, and saw celebrities. Actual celebrities with perfect skin and awesome hair and adorable dogs.

Anyway. I think Celi and Nate are marrying this year (after getting engaged on New Year’s Day, after dating since, well, the ’90s), and so I will be going to Los Angeles for that. And Patrick would like to hit Europe sooner rather than later, so I’m thinking London could be fun. Not cheap, no, but certainly fun. Also, they speak English there, and that’s a language I speak.

Patrick wrote his vacation rundown this morning. Read it here. I like this bit:

sundayjanuary 24th
go to piublican
place rules
we get a pen or private table hee
i drink 2 cups of coffee with raw sugar
kathy comes
i have turkey, biscuit with gravy and hasbrowns and bacon
jasmine has something
kathy has bacon someting or other
bathrooms are strange with their communal sink
asian girls asks me where mirrors are
i say they might be on ceiling
her mother watches with disapproval


On the tv front, I watched two episodes of “The Inbetweeners” (bwahahahaha, please watch this shit, it’s pretty hilarious and it reminds me of “Freaks and Geeks” and “Square Pegs” but more than anything it’s like a rebirth of my beloved Adrian Mole) and last week’s “Project Runway” (Ping is still Ping but what I’m more excited about is that Jay Nicolas aka “the Filipino” dude totally won hurrah) when I got home to my terribly messy apartment. Also I had some panang curry from Joy’s and thought about cleaning before I fell the fuck asleep. It felt good to be home.


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