Patrick Does Chicago

I'm having deep thoughts

It’s been a solid week since I last blogged. I blame Patrick being in town. So here is a rundown of what we did during his visit.

Note: if you don’t want to bother with the words below, how about some pictures?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

  • Patrick lands ORD
  • Patrick takes blue line downtown to my office
  • Patrick, Cynthia, and I proceed directly to Lou Mitchell’s for lunch
  • Return office
  • I give Patrick brief tour. Highlights include my cubicle, break room with pool table.
  • Patrick departs for window shopping on State Street.
  • Work day ends. I meet Patrick with our bags at Nordstrom Rack.
  • Take bus to Four Points by Sheraton Chicago Downtown (aka “hotel”).
  • Check in.
  • Inspect room for, well, something. Mystery stains? Forgotten items from previous guests? Find nothing.
  • Lie down in beds.
  • Talk about what to do for dinner.
  • Patrick lies down, says something about “closing my eyes” for a minute.
  • I go to Trader Joe’s, which is on the same block as hotel, pick up snacks.
  • Return hotel.
  • Patrick sleeps.
  • I surf, watch cable, eat terrible Trader Joe’s sushi.
  • Sleep.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

  • I go to work! I know, it’s not fair, but I didn’t want to ask for more time off considering it’s barely been a week since I got back from my last vacation.
  • Patrick gets up, asks for directions to Museum of Science and Industry (he doesn’t much care for Google Maps).
  • Patrick goes to the MSI.
  • We meet at Portillo’s for dinner. We both have gigantic cheeseburgers and cheese fries. Patrick gets the chocolate cake shake. Somehow, we survive.
  • We go back to the hotel to watch NBC Thursday night comedy block and Conan‘s host his  second-to-last episode of “The Tonight Show”.

Friday, January 22, 2010

  • Wake up late – I don’t have to go to work.
  • Make it to XOCO before they stop serving breakfast. We order churros, the two featured tortas for the day, and hot chocolate (Barcelona for Patrick, with almond milk for me).
  • Take bus to Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Pay Patrick’s admission, as I can’t find my complimentary guest pass.
  • Use bathroom (Patrick).
  • Take pictures of carp on ground floor (both).
  • Admire art. I am especially creeped out by this tiny room which is divided by strings into a cubes. Some of the strings pull on each other. It is dark. Patrick and I try to spook each other. We succeed.
  • Make paper hats out of paper taken from Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s “Untitled (The End)” (1990).
  • Walk around museum wearing our hats. Get mocked by teenagers.
  • Proceed to museum gift shop. Fail to find souvenir for mother.
  • Walk to Water Tower Place.
  • I buy a pair of Naot “Matai” shoes and orthotics (pricey but comfortable!) at The Walking Company. I nearly bought these sneakers which looked totally geriatric and generic but were so comfortable I wanted to make out with them. Maybe next time. The lovely saleslady who sold me my shoes scanned my feet so I can see where I put all my considerable weight and pressure. Fact: my feet look like they belong to Fred Flintstone.
  • Bus back to hotel.
  • Sit.
  • Bus to Art Institute.
  • Admire art.
  • Stop in gift shop. I adopt a dot.
  • Bus to Lakeview. I pick up a prescription at my Walgreen’s.
  • Bus to Crisp (Korean fried chicken) for dinner. Where did the Koreans go?
  • Walk to Bobtail for hot chocolate. Patrick beats me at Connect 4.
  • Walk to CVS to buy chips and soda.
  • Bus to Nite’s for game night with Nite, Jeff, Elisa, Thom, and Byl. Games: Uno and Whoonu. I kinda love Whoonu. It’s the new Apples to Apples! Television – Conan’s last stand. We love and miss you, Coco.
  • Elisa graciously drives us back to the hotel.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

  • Wake up!
  • I write out directions for Patrick to Lincoln Square.
  • I walk to Grand stop on Red Line.
  • I think I see John Cabrera on the train. Which is ridiculous. What would he be doing on the red line in Chicago at 10:30 in the morning carrying a duffel, a backpack, and some bananas in a plastic Dominick’s bag?
  • Arrive Old Town School of Folk Music.
  • Enter classroom. Class is spent: finalizing songs and singers for ’60s pop recital in February, finding pitches (I’m singing “My Guy” in G with classmate Linda), and singing a sad country song.
  • Leave school.
  • Meet Patrick on corner of Western and Wilson. Dither about what to do for lunch.
  • Walk to Isla Pilipina, which is super-busy. They’re playing The Black Keys on the PA. Yeah!
  • Eat lumpiang Shanghai, pancit bihon, and adobo fried rice.
  • Buses buses buses.
  • Hotel to rest.
  • Make plans with Elisa to have dinner at Irazú.
  • Chicago bus to blue line to Western.
  • Walk to restaurant. Front is packed with people waiting for a table, including Elisa.
  • Patrick and I wait outside until inside clears up.
  • We get a table.
  • We eat chifrijo, steak, sandwiches, and milkshakes. Always milkshakes.
  • We almost part ways. Elisa has a birthday thing at Uncle Julio’s to catch up with, so Patrick and I get the Milwaukee Avenue bus. Try to get the bus, which totally ignores me waving at it and pulls away without us on it.
  • Elisa sees us, takes pity on us, drives us back to hotel.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

  • Wake up.
  • Bus to The Publican for brunch with KRS-1.
  • We are seated in one of the awesome pigpen booths that I love.
  • Patrick loves The Publican already and we haven’t even ordered yet.
  • We drink: coffee, water, orange juice (KRS-1), bloody mary with beer chaser (me).
  • We eat: frites, red wine poached eggs, bacon, turkey biscuit and gravy.
  • KRS-1 drives us to Nordstrom, where we kinda sorta try to find our mother a present.
  • Bus to Water Tower Place. Patrick puts his foot down: no more malls!
  • Bus to Lakeview.
  • Bus to Molly’s Cupcakes in Lincoln Park. Once again, we play Connect 4. Once again, I lose.
  • Note to self: fuck Connect 4.
  • Walk down Clark Street to Belden.
  • Walk west on Belden to Halsted.
  • Welk south on Halsted to Armitage.
  • Walk west on Armitage to brown line.
  • Brown line to Madison (loop).
  • Nordstrom Rack – nothing for mom.
  • Check out Block 37. Yes it’s a mall but it’s a cool mall.
  • Buy Mom present at Puma store.
  • Buy myself random sale crap – Lonely Planet 2009 guide to London (my proposed next vacation) for $3.97, ceramic measuring spoons for $9.99, cheap earrings (which need to be returned – one of them lost a rhinestone already) for $9.99.
  • Bus to hotel.
  • Watch Saints-Vikings game.
  • Can’t take pressure of OT.
  • Hang out in hotel hot tub and pool. Talk about weird family history and shit.
  • Return hotel room. 31-28, Saints: “Who dat?!” indeed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

  • Wake up later than intended.
  • Bus to Sarah’s Pastries. No macarons. Buy scone and banana chocolate chip bread.
  • Bus to Chicago History Museum.
  • Examine floor plan while waiting for Elisa in lobby.
  • Elisa arrives.
  • Walk to giant hot dog, which is overrun with small children. Slowly back away.
  • Admire exhibitions on second floor. New ones include a small room devoted to the Lincoln Park neighborhood (there’s a swan pedal boat from the lagoon!), Abraham Lincoln, Benito Juarez, and Chinatown.
  • Leave museum.
  • Drive to Kuma’s Corner for lunch. 45 minute wait. On a Monday? Fuck that.
  • Drive to Hot Doug’s. No wait. It’s a sign. Cheese fries, cherry Coke, foie gras duck sausage, corn dog, Polish.
  • Drive to Hyde Park.
  • Oriental Institute is closed — boo!
  • Walk to the Med. Mexicana hot chocolate and milkshakes ensue.
  • Walk to 57th Street Books. Elisa catches up with former co-worker. I spend a lot of money on books.
  • Drive back to hotel.
  • Dinner debate: Indian or pizza? Pizza wins.
  • Watch “Chuck”. Oh that’s a cute little show. Patrick admires guest star Kristin Kreuk’s beauty. Too bad she kinda can’t act.
  • Walk to Giordano’s.
  • Order more pizza than we know what to do with.
  • Eat less pizza than we intended to.
  • Walk home.
  • Sleep.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

  • Wake up.
  • Shower.
  • Pack.
  • Leave.
  • Arrive work.

Vacation over. I haz a sad.

Links from Patrick and Elisa:

  • “my adopted Filipino siblings” [Elisa365]
  • “How does anyone live long in the Midwest where shit is huge and cheap?” []


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4 responses to “Patrick Does Chicago

  1. Michael Noonan

    I hope Patrick had a good time in Chicago. After Sunday brunch we made it to the Signature Lounge at John Hancock, to Geno’s East (which was really good, better than Duo I’m sad to say), to the French Market on Monday (which was cool) and to the airport safely. We missed Sepia, because it was closed Mondays. Otherwise, it was a really great time! Thanks for taking us to Publican.

    • I love the Signature Lounge. That sidecar is no joke.

      I haven’t been to Sepia yet so maybe if you guys visit again we can try it together? If I do go in the meantime I will take pictures and report back.

      It was great to see you!

  2. Eukadanz

    Fun, fun, fun! It’s always great to be a tourist in your own town.

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