the chicken dumpling gang

Macarons at Fritz Pastry

I was indolent Monday, writing two blog posts from the comfort of my bed. People on Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook were posting quotes, video clips, and audio clips of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This is what I posted to Tumblr:

Then my mood was ruined a bit when I made the mistake of logging into Formspring for the first time in a while to see what, if any, questions had been put to me by other Formspring users. They were:

  • why are you so fat? (from Formspring user jasminewalton)
  • how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop….im jus thought you would know 🙂
  • y r u soooooo fucken fine!
  • do u masturbate?
  • single?

I’m not offended by the questions so much as I’m appalled to know that illiteracy runs rampant on the internet. Like my friend Chris says, “RIF, baby, RIF!”

Yes. Anyway, I met Elisa for a late lunch snack thing at Fritz Pastry with Elisa, and it was so good. I had apple tart, black bean soup, hot chocolate, and four (yes, four!) macarons. I couldn’t help myself. They were so good, and the bakery was so sweet and the owners were so incredibly nice. Nice!

After Fritz, we drove to the Target in the South Loop to buy stuff for our respective households. I almost bought a hand vacuum but dithered and bought none. I had some fun talking shit about the whitewashing of the cast for the movie version of Avatar: The Last Bender and for real I made a lady and her husband in the toy aisle laugh. Because I am so rad.

I went to Elisa’s for dinner Tuesday night. She made chicken and dumplings, and I brought over these cupcakes from Phoebe’s Cupcakes:

Cupcakes from Phoebe's Cupcakes (Death By Chocolate, Raspberry Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel)

Also I brought my laundry. I did a load of t-shirts and socks while we watched “The Biggest Loser”. Elisa knows Michael of the white team, so we cheered him on and stuffed our faces. I know there’s some irony or something in there somewhere, but I’m not trying to hear that. At least not yet. Not when there are there are cupcakes such as these to be had.


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