groovy kind of song

I made it to voice class Saturday morning! I missed last week because I was flying back from France. Peggy told me I didn’t miss too much, so I was relieved. However, that feeling of relief disappeared when class began and we started talking about the recital at the end of February. I thought we had to, you know, sign up on a special list or something. Turns out I signed up when I signed up for class again. So who’s got two thumbs and is going to be singing a duet of some yet to be determined 60s non-Beatles non-showtune song at Davenport’s on Saturday, February 28? This chick.

Our teacher paired first time performers into duets, while some of the students who’ve performed in previous shows split up into groups of 3 (girl groups!) or were told they would be singing solo. I sat next to Wendy, who started taking class with me at Old Town at the same time, and we thought “Oh, I guess we’re not singing!” and then Gwen said “Jasmine and Christine” and then I thought “Oh crap I guess we are.” That’s pretty much what goes through my head whenever I sing by myself in class, which everybody does so it’s not like I’m being singled out. “Oh crap.” Dude, performance anxiety for people who like to sing but don’t think of themselves as singers is not fun.

Then Gwen had some of us sing with our new partners. I sang “A Groovy Kind of Love” with Christine, which was pretty okay. Christine has a lovely voice. Gwen asked Christine to sit and for Linda to get up and sing with me. That sounded nice. Hence, Linda is my new partner. Linda, thankfully, has some ideas about what we could sing, specifically “Don’t Mess With Bill” by The Marvelettes.

Love this song, and The Marvelettes sound so cool singing it. I spent Saturday night looking up songs to sing on YouTube. I have this list of songs to e-mail to Linda as other possibilities but it’s kind of hard to top an awesome song that I feel pretty confident that I could sing without cracking up because of sheer nervousness.

But because I don’t want to waste a night of YouTubing, here is a list of other songs I thought might be fun. They are not listed in any particular order.

“I’m Into Something Good”, Herman’s Hermits: This song is just so pretty. I never realized it until now.

“There’s Always Something There To Remind Me”, Sandie Shaw: I love how awkward but gorgeous Sandie looks in this clip. Her outfit isn’t anything special but her haircut is immaculate.

“As Tears Go By”, Marianne Faithfull: Just gorgeous, though Marianne looks so uncomfortable sitting like that.

“It’s Not Unusual”, Tom Jones: I love the energy and fun in this song, and Tom Jones just brings it out so effortlessly.

“Nowhere to Run”, Martha and the Vandellas: I’m not confident I could sing this song so well, or that it could be adapted for a duet, but I’ve always loved it.

“Am I The Same Girl?”, Barbara Acklin: I only heard of Barbara Acklin in the last couple of years (thanks, O-Dub and Soul Sides) and now I love her.

“Pleasant Valley Sunday”, The Monkees: Another Carole King composition, this was written (I think) with Jerry Goffin.

“Chains”, The Cookies (sung here by Carole King): Told you I was a fan of Carole’s writing.

“Up On The Roof”, The Drifters: It’s a Carole King hat trick!

“Never My Love”, The Association: This is kind of a makeout song, no? Maybe not appropriate for a recital?

“How Can I Be Sure”, The Young Rascals: This could be overwhelming to sing.

“To Sir, With Love”, Lulu: I just sigh thinking of this song. Also, I will always love Lulu because she played Mrs. Mole (well, her and Julie Walters) on the television version of “The Secret Diaries of Adrian Mole”.

“Little By Little”, Dusty Springfield: The queen. Could we do a blue-eyed soul show? Or just a soul show? Please?


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