Sunday Routine

scrapple at The Publican

I’m feeling inspired by the “Sunday Routine” column in The New York Times (click here for Google results – I’m not sure why this column doesn’t have its own page but whatever).

Okay, not inspired so much as envious of the people usually featured: accomplished, interesting, worldly, or merely rich. So because I’m some kind of weird undercover spinster striver (seriously — you should see me Saturday night, perpetually refreshing the Times wedding section until it updates), here is my Sunday routine.

WAKE UP I try to wake up at 8 AM, early for me, but usually end up lying in bed, half asleep until 9 AM. At which point, I turn on the television and try to find a program that will motivate me to actually get out of bed. I don’t watch the morning political shows even though I probably should. I always hope that there is a mini-marathon of a reality show like “True Life” on MTV.

ALTOGETHER I like to buy pajamas but I usually don’t sleep in them. If I sleep in anything, it’s usually a camisole or a tee shirt with underpants. I know it sounds sexy but I wear grandma underwear to bed. This is usually enough as the radiators in my apartment come on whenever they please, and they usually go full blast at night.

BREKKIE I usually don’t have any food in the house except maybe leftover takeout from the night before. That and some flat diet Coke. Food is usually what motivates me to leave the house. If I don’t already have plans for breakfast, I try to make some with friends at Wishbone or even IHOP. If I’m dining alone, I’ll go to the Melrose because it’s around the corner.

SITTING IN THE DARK I used to go to church growing up but now I just go to the movies. Popcorn is tastier than communion wafers. I was going to make a bad joke about transubstantiation and the fake butter they put on popcorn at the movies, but I think I’d better leave it alone. Anyway, I like matinees at the Landmark Century Cinema or AMC River East, mainly because either theater will usually be showing something I like. Also their immediate proximity to shopping.

A LITTLE SMACKEREL I’m not sure why but I’m usually peckish after emerging from the movie theater. If I’m downtown, I’ll go to Oysy for spinach salad and one of their rolls that comes out looking like a dragon. If I’m in Lakeview, then the Golden Nugget for breakfast. But only if I didn’t already eat breakfast food earlier. If so, then a grilled cheese sandwich (I’m watching my figure).

SCHOOL NIGHT Sunday always feels like the ultimate school night, even though I haven’t been school in years and years. If I can’t convince anybody to go out for a cupcake or a late, light dinner, I hunker down in my apartment and watch television. Which is how I wake up. I’m big on symmetry.


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