Paris leftovers

beautiful pastries at Aux Désirs de Manon

I promise this is my last blog post about Paris. Well, last one for today. Which seems strange to say in the morning but there you go. This is really just a lazy list of random thoughts/feelings/suggestions inspired by my trip. Actually inspired by the question I seem to be getting the most about my trip, which is “What did you like best?” Where do I begin to answer that question?

  • The butcher shops and how they’d have these huge rotisserie machines on the sidewalks out front. The bottom of the rotisserie, where all the grease would collect, would be full of onions roasting in the heat. You’d buy a chicken and get a vat of drippings to go with it. I never actually bought such a chicken and the attendant drippings, but that was clearly the idea, and an awesome one at that.
  • the public bike rental program, or Vélib’ – all over the city would be rows of bikes. Rent one by swiping a Navigo pass, ride it to wherever, return it to the closest rental. Much like the chicken, I did not partake of this amenity (I don’t really know how to ride a bike) but I’d like to learn in time for my next visit.
  • Bread – seriously, everywhere people were chomping on baguettes, brioche, croissants, pain au chocolat. Why? Because it was delicious. And cheap!
  • Coca-Cola Light Sango – I bought a bottle at at G20 (the convenience store, not the summit), and have been craving it ever since. Does anybody know where I can order some on-line?
  • some shops, mostly patisseries and boulangeries, would have these wooden boards with a groove next to the register. Paying in cash, your change would be deposited into this groove so you could see your change and see from a glance that it was correct
  • the striped Bretagne tops worn by the waiters at Breizh Café. Also the small bowls out of which we’d drink cider
  • the day we went to the Pompidou, Khloe and I bought mini cupcakes at Berko for dessert that night. The guy at Berko was patient with my non-French speaking ass, critical as I was choosing flavors. Did I mention he was totally hot AND wearing a “I love NY” t-shirt? I’m swooning.
  • there was a Ladurée boutique at Versailles. Ladurée marrons are, in fact, totally amazing.
  • lights – lights hanging in the streets of the Marais, from the trees on the Champs Elysees. It was beautiful.
  • the word I said most was “Pardon”, pardoning myself as I strolled down narrow streets, through crowds of people. I like to think that, even in my inability to speak the language, I could at least be polite in public spaces.
  • I love the little tickets for the Métro. I liked feeding them into the slots of the turnstiles and waiting for them to pop out for me to take, allowing me to enter the station
  • Sanisettes everywhere! But why isn’t there a sanisette Google map? I would have liked to have one.
  • the Christmas tree in the courtyard of the building where we stayed
  • the Place des Vosges – a lovely square enclosed by four buildings whose arcades contained a lot of art galleries
  • people could still sit outside at cafes with the presence of heat lamps, whether for smoking or people-watching
  • cobblestone streets – I know they’re not unique to Paris, but I love them so (even if I did sometimes feel like I was going to fall and bust my face)
  • seeing so many brown and yellow folks navigating the city with ease, either as visitors or residents, often speaking French with gorgeous accents
  • people who’d smile at baby Coco (it helps that Coco is adorable and with beautiful manners)
  • I found a replacement for my beloved Stila Salomé lipstick – it’s Nivea’s Rouge D’Amour, and I found it at Monoprix!
  • the building next to the Musee de quai Branly that was covered entirely in plants – amazing.
  • seeing bakery windows full of galettes
  • seeing a recreation of Marcel Proust’s bedroom at the Musee Carnavalet
  • on the plane back, Khloe howling with laughter at Monsters vs. Aliens, and then the two of us watching Shorts because James Spader was in it


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2 responses to “Paris leftovers

    • I loved it too. Can’t wait to go back. I was thinking London or Barcelona for my next visit. Or a Habitat for Humanity build project – quite a few in Eastern Europe.

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