Jasmine and The Giant Matzoh

Big matzoh ball at The Bagel

I fell asleep at 7pm Saturday night, waking up confused at 7am Sunday morning. I expressed my confusion on Facebook, then spent the morning in total indolence. Surfing the web, channel surfing on my television. The grumble in my stomach reminded me that I hadn’t eaten since the mini mushroom pizza, green grapes, and shortbread served as a snack on the plane the previous day. I had to Go. Get. Food. But it was so cold. So very cold. Sure, it was cold in Paris, but it was colder at home. I made for a table at the Melrose, stopping first at Unabridged to buy some celebrity magazines to ogle over my soup and sandwich.

It was cold for sure, but the sun was out, and I wanted to stretch my legs. And when I say “stretch my legs”, I actually mean “take the bus downtown to shop for socks”. Sunday afternoon on State Street was quiet – shelves were picked bare after post-Christmas sales, Nordstrom Rack had little in the way of SmartWool socks for me to scoop up. I bought some tees and cheap necklaces at Old Navy, then headed back north to chill at home for a bit before dinner with Nite.

Now, I was feeling all cravey for the wonderful cuisine of Chilam Balam. Alas, so was everybody else in Chicago, apparently, as the tiny spot was booked up. Nite suggested we hit The Bagel instead, and it was a great place. As it was Sunday night, the joint was quiet and it was fried chicken night.

I’ve had the fried chicken dinner special before. It’s kind of amazing. You get half a fried chicken, and your choice of four sides. Of the, like, 20 side dishes available, it seems that half are some kind of potato. Seriously — take a look at the menu. Insane. I got matzoh ball soup (pictured above), mashed potatoes, vegetables, and apple sauce. The matzoh ball is no joke, and the soup is just delicious, as was everything else I inhaled while Nite and I caught up. I talked about my trip to Paris, and what I liked most. He told me about his quiet New Year’s Eve with Jeff. Don’t take quiet to mean sedate, though. They had dinner at Gibsons and got to gawk at the finest cougars the Viagra Triangle had to offer while enjoying some delicious steak.

Meanwhile, we discussed our resolutions. I don’t make resolutions, but when Nite told me his was simply “Sloppy Joes”, and that he fulfilled it when he made sloppy joes last week, I laughed so fucking hard I actually peed a little. I know it seems hard to understand, but just the way Nite said “sloppy joes” so casually and then described making them, had me snorting and drooling all over myself. I had to make a resolution myself. So my resolution for 2010 is simply to make my own fun. Oh, and to bring an actual date to Celi and Nate’s wedding. My fingers are crossed.

Or they will be as soon as I go pee.



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2 responses to “Jasmine and The Giant Matzoh

  1. I wish you lived in Austin, you’re so hirrarious. 🙂 PS Smartwool socks are the best.

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