an american in paris – day 6: too tired to write

Today we shopped and ate. I’d say more except that Galleries Lafayette sucked all the energy out of me. Also I have to be up early so we can hit the Musee D’Orsay on the early side. So, a few snapshots:

Um, somebody left their baby on the floor.

This is Coco in her bunting. She wears it on colder days like today (Monday). She looks like Maggie Simpson in her snowsuit.

Passage Vivienne

Khloe’s been our tour guide, chaperone, translator, cook, etc. I’m trying to think of ways to give her a break except that we already know that I’m useless. I seriously think she could make a killing leading art history walks in Paris and other fine cities. Anyway, this picture is of the Gallerie Vivienne, one of many passages throughout the city. There were quite a few adorable shops here.

5 kg jar of Nutella

This is a 5 kilogram jar of Nutella. I saw it in the gourmet store at Galleries Lafayette, where I bought yet another Longchamp bag (shut up). I nearly bought this but I don’t think I could have eaten it all in a timely fashion.


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