an american in paris: day 3 – new year’s day

It was a long day. A long, delicious day. I have to go shower and then to sleep so I’m fresh for Versailles tomorrow. But quickly, a rundown of today’s action:

French toast (pain perdu) at the apartment. Khloe made it with bread from Paul. So good.

Took Metro to Trocadero. Baby Coco is charming to all.

Arrive Trocadero. Posed for pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Lots of young men selling Eiffel Tower charms that light up or clip onto a keychain.

Stand on line for Eiffel Tower for 45 minutes before giving up and looking for food.

Find food at Le Dôme, where we get hairy eyeball from two middle aged Italian women because the waiter gave us the table at which they’d thrown down their coats without waiting. Whatever, haters (or however you say it in Italian).

Walk up steep hill from Champs de Mars back up to Trocadero – I get seriously winded because I am:

  • fat
  • out of shape

Take Metro to Champs Elysees. Baby Coco is charming to fellow passengers.

Arrive Champs Elysees. Holy balls it is pretty. The prettiest strip mall ever! Just kidding. Some stores are still boarded up from last night, a precaution should any New Year’s Eve frivolity get downright riotous. I don’t think this actually happened.

Walk from Arche de Triomphe all the way down to the big ferris wheel and the Obelisk.

Take Metro back to the Marais. Khloe buys some treats, a pistachio eclair and a slice of bûche, from Aux Désirs de Manon. I buy a bottle of wine from the corner store.

Arrive apartment. Settle in. I spend about 30 minutes trying to figure out the RER web site. Call Emmanuel and Olivia, who are on their way back to Paris, to figure out when to meet at Versailles Saturday morning.

Khloe gives Coco half a bottle while Jeff cooks dinner and I try to be useful.

We eat dinner. Salmon with dill, rice, roasted vegetables, the treats from the patisserie and, of course, the wine.

Happy new year.

Why the face?


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One response to “an american in paris: day 3 – new year’s day

  1. Alissa

    Ah! So cool. I love your daily wrap-ups. Glad you’re having fun and glad everything is as beautiful as everyone imagines it is. 🙂

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