an american in paris: day 2 – bonne annee

I look like crap. But don't I look happy?

I’m still not terribly comfortable talking to people here. I only took French in school for two years, seventh and eighth grade. After that I took Spanish. And did I spend the last few months learning some key phrases, working on my comprehension and trying to get some conversation practice? Of course not.

Another lovely, laidback day.

Shopping at Monoprix with Khloe for tomorrow’s New Year’s Day meals, when we anticipate most places being closed.

A visit to Notre Dame with every other person in the city, or so it seemed. Everybody talked and could not be quiet. It wasn’t a cathedral so much as just another stop for open-mouthed gawkers. Still beautiful, though.

We missed getting into Sainte-Chappelle today, but we’ll get it next week. Late lunch/early dinner at Le Flore en L’Ile, which was awfully tasty. My omelette was huge, so I took half of it home so I could have dessert. Dessert was the most perfectest waffle I have ever tasted in my entire life. It had absolutely nothing on it – no syrup, cream, or butter – and it was immaculate.

I’m trying to stay up until midnight, but I may not make it. I did give a thought to trekking to the Champs Elysees to watch the Eiffel Tower spectacle, but I’m not big on crowds. Also, it would probably take forever to get home. Sorry, I’m not being more exciting but I’ve got, like, nine more days to run wild in the streets. Stay tuned. Until then, take a look at the pictures I’ve taken so far.

Random observations:

Patrick and I have been talking via GoogleTalk since I’ve been here, which is what we usually do when I’m supposed to be doing work back at home. He asked me today if I had experienced any racism, or thought this city any more or less diverse as places I’ve been. It’s too soon to tell, and I don’t know if I’ll have a good answer by the time I leave a week from Saturday.

It’s pretty easy to pick out the other Americans. Today at “dunch” at Le Flore, we sat next to a middle-aged American couple who totally would not make eye contact with us or with Coco aka “the cutest baby in Paris”.

The Italians love them some baby Coco. She coos, they coo right back.

Coco’s just discovered spoons, perfect for a teething baby.

I’ve seen so many people walking around gnawing on baguettes or with loaves of bread shoved under their arms and it’s just not funny. The bread is just so good why wouldn’t you walk around with as much as you can carry at all times?

Right now, on tv, we’re watching pink, which is the French gay channel. They’re showing The Big Gay Sketch Show with French subtitles. Still not very funny but it’s in English.


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  1. xina

    i think you look marvelous! and, yes, happy!

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