an american in paris: day 2 – a message from the warden

I just got up. It’s 10:27 local time. I can hear Khloe or Jeff (or Khloe and Jeff? ooh la la! just kidding) in the shower. I finally woke up for real this morning when I actually drooled myself awake. I made up the sofa bed (which I abandoned early this morning in favor of the chaise – much more comfortable) and immediately had a small glass of Coke Zero. Breakfast of champions.

I wanted to quote this message from the warden at the US Embassy. When preparing for this trip, I registered it on the state department web site. After handing over all sorts of details like my name, passport number, and local address, I signed up for their e-mail list. Yesterday brought this really juicy missive about New Year’s Eve celebrations in Paris:

Outdoor New Year’s Eve celebrations in Paris and other urban centers in France can be boisterous.  Last year, U.S. citizens reported that glass bottles were hurled, extensive public drinking and drunkenness occurred, and sporadic fighting broke out in Paris around the Champs Elysees, the Champ de Mars, and Trocadero.  Parked cars being set ablaze is also a fairly common feature of revelry in France, occuring even in upscale neighborhoods.

Violent and boisterous behavior can be expected in spite of increased police and gendarme forces.  U.S. citizens who venture out on New Year’s Eve should be aware of the potential dangers mentioned above and are reminded to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.

Come on — “parked cars being set ablaze” sounds kind of exciting, right? Okay, probably not, especially if you are travelling with the world’s cutest baby, as I am. But I’m sure we’ll do fine finding a good spot to watch the fireworks and tonight’s blue moon. Can’t wait.


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