Best of 2009: Restaurant moment

Note: I’m participating in Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. Read more about it here. Yes, I know this is two days late for I’ve been busy! Not really, but I usually blog in the evenings and I went out two nights in a row this week. Blah blah blah.

I was going to be lazy about this post, which is already two days late, and just let my pictures from dinner at Schwa speak for themselves. Except that my pictures are kind of, well, crappy, so maybe I’d better say a few words. Pictures, such as they are, are in the slideshow below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I find individual elements of the meal hard to describe, because it was six months ago that I ate it. I do remember that the wines that Nick and Nadine bought (yes, Schwa is BYOB) were incredible, and It was a good thing I bought extra wine glasses. I’d read on some web sites that the restaurant might not have extra glasses for multiple wines, so it was good to be prepared.

I fretted briefly over what to wear. I ended up with this:

I think it worked. Nadine wore a pretty dress, and perhaps Nick wore a tie. Other diners’ outfits ranged from suits and what I could only describe as “festive cocktail” (statement necklaces, floaty tops) on women to a mini tube dress and sky high Louboutin heels.

Music was loud but not so loud that we couldn’t talk to each other or the friendly chefs who emerged from the kitchen with dish after dish after dish. I almost passed out from so much good food. I think the thing that I liked most was the sense of, not entitlement exactly, but good fortune.

Wasn’t it lucky that the restaurant called Nadine just the night before to confirm their reservation for that day? Wasn’t it good, for me at least, that Alex couldn’t go to dinner at the last minute because she had finals? Wasn’t it wonderful that, because Nick intended to write up this meal as part of an article he was going to sell, that I didn’t have to pay for a damn thing? I was drunk on wine, good food, good friends. Also, it was June in Chicago, which is just a great time of year for this city with its six months of winter.


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