the filthy rotting wound

The following is an excerpt from “the filthy rotting wound”, a post on my brother’s blog,


9:01AM i think its fucked up

i dont bereavement time for my aunt

what the fuck fuck you work you piece of fucking shit


so after wednesday thanksgiving when most of lazy ugly coworkers made nothing for brunch i went home and played moder warfare 2
dad calls and says tita ched is dying?!
we wait around and i play more mw2
justin calls out of work
we drive to booth memorial
wait in lobby as dad goes up
fred and porita come down
jackie and me come up
greet uncle gerhard and watch tita ched
uncle gerhard waiting for doctor
tita ched was breathing slowly and her tongue was slowly coming out
i cry when uncle gerhard kisses her
after a while justin comes up
then dad comes up with him
uncle gerhard wants to leave as the no one knows when tita ched will go but the doctor confirms that she is dyring
basically what happened was
1) at margaret tietz home for killing people they discovered stuff in her lungs when she was x-rayed after she had trouble breathing
2) basically got worse
3) took her to ER
jackie volunteers to stay
we give jackie money for whatever i give 20 and uncle gerhard gives 10
we go downsairs
i call jackie and leave a message telling her to contact us in case anything happens
justin, dad, gerhard and me meet joseline and philip
jackie calls and tell us tita ched is dead
i cry with joseline
everyone else tears up
uncle gerhard seems teutonic in his stoicism
philip seems confused
go back up
uncle gerhard thinks tita ched might be breathing
we wait
jackie watched tita ched die
now we all feel terrible for leaving
i wonder why we left when tita ched is dead
joseline and me continue to cry
justin is teary
jackie i dont remember
doctor confirms tita ched is dead
uncle gerhard says his goodbyes
i cry again
i kiss tita ched and tell her i love her
she is so cold
i tell her to punch grandpa in hell
joseline laughs
we leave
philip and joseline have a van
we drive uncle gerhard home
i share a seat with jackie
i buy 12 piuece chicken and box of fries from kennedy fried chicken
justin buys combo nuggets fries and soda
go home

2 wakes
woke upa t like 9
first wake gave a speech
went to uncle gerhards
ate and stuff
at second wake dad rambled
walked tita lot and tita josie home to the motel whcih apparently was used by prostitues (this was from funeral director)
went home

woke up at like six shwoered
drove to funeral home
said last goodbyes
all the flips except me and twins prayed rosary
tita benilda was there with tita josie and tita lot
then we drove passed uncle gerhards house with body
went to flushing cemetary
joselinew as there with philip and two of her friends
went into limo with joseline
watched them lower tita ched
went back to uncle gerhards
ate fell asleep
started to get sore throat
left around 6:30
got home around 7
played call of duty
thats it


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  1. True words, some unadulterated words man. You rocked my day!!

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