last minute and late night

Chifrijo from Irazú

  1. Elisa and I had dinner at Irazú tonight. I’d been to the dentist this afternoon so I couldn’t eat much more than chifrijo, chicken soup, and a banana-oatmeal shake. Okay, I guess that’s a lot. And I totally got a steak sandwich to go. Lunch tomorrow, you will be incredible.
  2. I’m watching Nights of Rodanthe instead of sleeping. I think there is a Nicholas Sparks movie for every decade of a woman’s life. A Walk to Remember for your teenage years. The Notebook for your twenties. Message in A Bottle for your thirties, and lastly Nights for your forties. Actually, The Notebook works for any age. As long as you are a total fucking sap like me.
  3. It seems like every day I am spending more and more money on medication. See, this is what happens when you let yourself get obese and diabetic like me. Awesome.
  4. Don’t even get me started on my lady parts.
  5. One good thing — I made the beautiful Wheaties box graphic in this DISGRASIAN™ post about Manny Pacquiao.
  6. I promise I will write about parade school for the “McDonald’s™ Thanksgiving Parade” very soon. One crappy thing about that, though: my check-in time for the parade is 6:30 AM. I need to become a morning person, and soon.
  7. On that note, good night.

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