Life, Rent, Felt

I know the last few days have been cheats for National Blog Posting Month. I will post harder, better, faster, stronger for the rest of the month, I swears. But first, a few quick notes:

I am obsessed with HGTV, For Rent in particular. Probably because I am a long-time renter with no real plans for buying a place any time soon. Also I think it’s hilarious that host Jodi Gilmour and her renters never refer to the cities or neighborhoods in which they work by name. It’s always “trendy downtown area” or “safe family-friendly neighborhood”. I can tell by their accents that they are Canadians (thanks, Degrassi!), so what’s the problem with saying “lovely central Toronto”? What’s that all aboot? Just say Vancouver already! Trust me, I don’t think you should worry so much about the possibility of alienating American viewers if you happen to let slip that you’re joining us from sunny Quebec. For crying out loud, rents are quoted in (Canadian, okay) dollars and spaces are measured in square feet! The metric system is nowhere to be found! is doing a “Month of Mary” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Mary J. Blige’s masterpiece, My Life. Most of the posts have been devoted to each track from the record, talking about production details, why it matters as part of a whole, and marveling at the amount of pain that Mary must have been in during this period in her life. She took her pain and used it to create one of my favorite albums of all time.

I bought this totally gorgeous brooch at the Art Institute gift shop this weekend. It’s a coral colored dahlia made out of felt. You can see it in this picture here. It’s the brighter one in the upper left hand corner. I think it’s fetching.


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