i think i’m invisible

two mini rants:

  1. I stopped at Noodles & Company (stop making fun of me, I love it) on the way home to get dinner. While waiting for my food, I thought I’d take a seat on the wooden bench set to the side, the bench which exists for this purpose. On this bench was a girl, texting away, also waiting for her food. The seat next to her was taken by her bottle of tea. She did not look up the entire time I stood there, looking at her, wondering if she would notice me looming over her. It was almost kind of fascinating. She only got up from the bench, taking her tea with her, when her food came up.
  2. On the bus home from Noodles & Company, I got up from my seat and made my way to the rear door to get off at my stop. Standing in the way of the rear door was a young woman with a blank expression on her face. She didn’t face or acknowledge me as I stood next to her. Was she going to get off, too? When the bus stopped and the rear door light went on to indicate that it could be opened, she did not move. I had to say “Excuse me” in a really pointed voice, and she still didn’t get out of the way as I pushed off.

What are the lessons here?

  1. If I want something, I have to ask for something. None of this passive-aggressive bullshit.
  2. Still, though. Those girls were kinda fucking assholes.

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