This is what I wore to Eddie & Lisa’s wedding Saturday night. In case you were wondering? Were you wondering? I hope so.


  1. The rhinestone rose was not a ring but actually a pair of bobby pins. I parted my hair on the right, using the pins to keep back my hair on the left. It looked alright but I could have used a professional styling for more volume and better definition.
  2. My actual pashmina is not quite that pink – more beige.
  3. The shoes were alright but I really wanted these Ralph Lauren Mary Janes that I could not find in my size except on-line. Not a big deal as everybody kicked off their shoes eventually to dance.
  4. It is almost sickening how little the dress cost. More about that below.

I love that dress. I almost spent too much money on a boring skirt from Lane Bryant to wear with a plain black t-shirt and loads of costume jewelry. This was what I had resigned myself after an unsuccessful scouting trip Thursday night. Friday evening rolled around and I was almost too tired after the working week to hit the shops again, but I decided it was worth it.

My first (and, as it turns out, my only) stop was the Macy’s on State Street, hoping that fall season party dresses were in or that there was a decent leftover summer dress that wasn’t too summery to wear to a fall wedding that ended up taking place on an unseasonably warm day. Seriously, people, it got up to 70° F.

I started at the end of the “women’s section” near the children’s clothing. There was a wall of party clothes, mainly the kind of beaded and sequined “mother of the bride” two-piece sets that no self-respecting woman would actually wear because they were not just ugly but boring and matronly. That’s just the way I feel about these things.

Below the wall of shame were a few clearance racks, some bearing “CLEARANCE (Up to) 75% OFF” placards. Of these racks, one held a few basic black Jones New York polyester shifts, some beaded and some plain. I found one Calvin Klein shift, and then there it was. The “Keanu Reeves in The Matrix” dress — THE ONE.

I know it might look plain in the picture but I love the deep v-neck and matching back, the cap sleeves, and the inverted pleats in the skirt. The skirt looks full but not so big that you’d look like a bear in a tutu. When you twirl, it opens into a full circle skirt. I felt very girlish. Cute. Definitely cute.

The dress had been marked down from $148 to $51. Awesome, right? It gets better. I have a Macy’s card, so I got an extra discount. All told, I paid $34.

I. Win.

Belinda, the charming sales associate congratulated me on my score. I nearly skipped out of the darn store. I could have done a cartwheel (had I known how to do one) down the escalator from the fifth floor down to ladies’ shoes on the fourth floor. I very nearly bought these heels to go with the dress but I was sensible and decided to stop shopping. That’s not even true — they just didn’t have my size.


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