I wore this outfit to dinner last night at Irazú with Elisa and her friend Maurel. I also wore it today because, well, I liked it enough to repeat it, this time with the necklace.

This is one variation of the same outfit that I wear just about every day. Which is fine. I love fashion but I don’t always have the energy to work it every day. Sorry, dudes. I bought the t-shirt (and this great gauze blue print scarf that is not shown on the Old Navy web site for some reason so it’s not in the set) to wear to dinner because the white henley I’d spent the day wearing was just stretched out and boring and blech by the time evening rolled around. Who wants to go to dinner wearing a stretched-out t-shirt when there are cute dudes involved?

I used to avoid purple, often choosing pink or red or blue if I had a choice. But I’m coming around to it. I think it’s pretty on me. Even if I sometimes wonder if I look just a little bit like Grimace, Barney the Dinosaur, or an eggplant.

Anyway, dinner was delicious. I’ve been to Irazú many times before, most recently this summer when Elisa was trying to convince me that this waiter with awesome tattoos was into me. Chris, our waiter last night, was appropriately flirty and very friendly. I ordered the chifrijo appetizer to share, a banana-oatmeal milkshake (my usual), a side of fried plantains, and the pepito sandwich. The chifrijo and the pepito were suggestions from @rachelleb, and they were incredible. Elisa got the Cuban sandwich, a side of yellow rice, and the cornmeal milkshake. Chris approved of the milkshake order especially, telling us that it tasted like Honey Smacks cereal. And it did, another amazing drink. Maurel got the grilled steak, a huge platter of steak and salad and plantains. Somehow, she still had the appetite for bread pudding after eating all that food. I helped her out with dessert, of course.

We talked about Elisa’s job, her non-birthday party coming up in a few weeks, the cheesy songs on Maurel’s iPod shuffle. Maurel asked Chris to guess her and Elisa’s ages. Chris was adorable, a fine and wonderful young man (he was 25!) but not the waiter from the summer. It’s not as though if summer waiter had been there that I would have, you know, asked him out or anything. Still, though. I have to confess that I was disappointed that he wasn’t there. I guess it’s really autumn after all.


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