By The People

I just finished watching By The People: The Election of Barack Obama on HBO. It was pretty good. It reminded me of how much I lived and died by this past campaign. I did a lot of it in private, though, because while I think of myself as passionate about the electoral process I am pretty uninformed about politics. And I didn’t want to get too much into discourse even with my friends who are of the same political stripe, lest I degrade the conversation. Nobody wants to be the annoying newbie asking all the questions they should have asked during AP US history in high school. PS: I got a 3 on that particular AP test. See? I’m a lightweight.

But back to the movie! It was a fine look at the behind the scenes action of the Obama campaign, following a few people from the Iowa caucuses through election night. I loved watching the people of Iowa caucus, cajoling and encouraging each other to support their candidate. I loved seeing Michelle and her daughters playing dominoes (could somebody teach me?) at their house before taking a phone call from Barack. I teared up whenever Ronnie Cho talked to his mom, and just bawled when he broke down after victory was declared. It reminded me that the election was made possible by many. We all did our part. But it also reminded me that the victory was a call to action, that the anger and disappointment some of us may be feeling now because things haven’t changed overnight can once again be converted into the hope and faith and spirit and hard work of 2008.

Clearly, I’m biased about By The People as I am a liberal Democrat. I supported President Obama in the last election. I say “supported” because I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t vote for him because I wasn’t able to. I wasn’t a citizen then. But I’m a citizen now. I’ve got three years until I can vote for him (finally!). In the meantime, I mean to work on making good on a few promises I made to myself last year. Firstly, getting involved with my fellow Democrats as we prepare for the 2010 midterm elections. Secondly, finding time to volunteer for people who need it. Yes, that means charity, but I’m not crazy about that word. I invite you to join me, or help me figure out how to get going.

Tomorrow’s #NaBloPoMo entry is most likely going to be a re-blog of my election day 2008 post. Apologies in advance for the laziness!


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