license to kim jong-il

Dear Leader

License to Kim Jong-il

The Kim Jong-il costume was a success, I think. I pinned closed my Old Navy trench at the neck to get the look of the Leader’s usual collared jacket. I braved the Trixie hordes (who were all buying Lady Gaga wigs) at Beatnix to buy an Elvis wig. Tucking in the sideburns turned Elvis into Kim. I found his glasses, a pair of imitation Gazelles (like the ones Run-DMC used to wear) in the basement section of Ragstock. It didn’t take much to complete my transformation.

As you can see in the photo above, I was my own cockblocker. The idea was, to me, too awful and too offensive and too funny not to do. Comedy beats out pretty (or anything I can approximate) when it comes to me and Halloween (much like life). Still, though, it would have been nice to wear some lip gloss.

I wasn’t trying to meet boys looking like this. If I had succeeded in some decent flirting, it would have been in spite of the costume, not because of it.

Fun things about Hallowe’en!

  • Finding the wig, the last bit of my costume, Saturday afternoon. I rewarded myself with a big lunch of egg nog pancakes at IHOP. Actually, I needed the sugar. At 1:40 that afternoon, I hadn’t yet had anything to eat. Oops.
  • I thought I left a bit early to meet Nite and Jeff for the North Halsted Halloween Parade, but it turns out we were right on time, as the parade started an hour earlier than years past.
  • Parade was fun, but my favorite part was after the parade ended. We walked north up Halsted Street, so I could catch a bus to Cinnamon and Andrew’s party, so Nite could head home, and so Jeff could meet up with friends to hit some bars. A few more folks saw my costume, a few of them even shouted “Kim!” at me. I rewarded them with a creepy stare and a stiff wave.
  • On the bus up to the party, I saw this dude:
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BOB on the bus

He looked like BOB from “Twin Peaks”. He kinda acted like him, too. Only not so much with the killing.

  • The party was awesome. The food was delicious. Everybody looked adorable in their costumes. There was not one but TWO Björks. Andrew’s Flickr set from the party is here.
  • I went home kind of early, as I was feeling tired, hot (I wore a sweater under my coat, and indoors it was murder), and old.

The day after Halloween, I had brunch with Kathy. We went to the Flat Top Grill. Brunch there is all-you-can-eat for $9.99. Same concept as with lunch and dinner, only you can have your ingredients incorporated into French toast, pancakes, omlettes (regular and egg white only), and egg scrambles. It was pretty effin’ fantastic.

I needed to eat a lot because I felt like I would need energy for my four minutes of singing backup, in costume, for a fellow Old Town student performing in a special Halloween recital. I’d already hit rehearsals Friday evening and Saturday morning, but I felt nervous when I arrived at the school on Armitage. All I needed to do was sing “wah ooh” and “The monster mash!” but would I remember to sing the right stuff at the right time?

Of course I did. We all did. We did the monster mash and struck poses during verses. We opened the 3:30 performance, and stuck around to watch the other students as they sang, alone or in pairs, sing songs from the Vocal Technique 2 repetoire. I can’t wait for the DVD of the show to come out. In the meantime, imagine:

  • Belinda, a petite brunette in a French maid costume, wielding a plastic knife and singing “Psycho Killer”
  • Lin and Yoko as a pair of teenage punks, one growling the other pouting through “Teenager In Love”
  • Alyson and Art singing and rapping through Adam Sandler’s immortal “Lunchlady Land”

I should have stuck around and socialized after, even stayed for the 5:30 and maybe the 7:30 (!) shows, but I was exhausted. I wanted to go back to being myself. Retire the Kim/Elvis wig, and start thinking about what I need to do to look cute for Halloween 2010.


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  1. You are totally f*cking awesome!

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