“We is America”

If you’re not already reading Margaret and Helen, you should be. Below is a snippet from today’s delicious post about that weird tea party doodad in DC last weekend.

I’ll tell you what Margaret.  You would never know by watching Fox News that 78,000 racists marching on the nation’s capital was cause for concern.  You would think we were finally winning the war against the British.   Of course, according to Harold’s television set, larger crowds gathered at dozens of football games that day so what the hell do I care.

Let me just say something about the 9-12 Project.  On September 12, 2001 everyone was an American. There were no Blue States and  no Red States.  There were no Black Americans and no White Americans.   There were no Europeans, no Asians, no Hispanics, no Africans…  The world was standing with America against the evil that is terrorism.  The globe was united like never before.  And what did our President do when given that moment?  He told us all to go shopping while he and his buddies planned a war.  And 8 years later the 9-12 project has been reduced to a movement of no Blacks, no Hispanics, no Asians… just 78,000 white people who can’t spell.

“We is America” [Margaret and Helen]


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  1. Wow Thanks for turning me on to Margaret and Helen, they’re amazing, as are you.

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