countdown to New Year’s Eve

So Khloé and Jeff invited me to join them in Paris for New Year’s Eve. I am going. I just bought my plane ticket, and am going to hand over a check for my share of the lodging (an apartment in Le Marais) shortly.

I’ve been to Paris before, but that was a long time ago. Like, sixteen years ago. I imagine some things have changed since August of 1993. I can’t wait to see it all for myself. I look forward to doing all the stuff I forgot to do the last time I visited, like visit the Eiffel Tower. I may have to stop myself, though, from engaging in twee, adorable activities inspired by Amélie like skipping stones across the Canal Saint-Martin. It’s cute when someone who looks like Audrey Tatou does it in a movie, though.

The map displayed above is a work in progress, a map of attractions, shops, and (most importantly) restaurants and food purveyors that Khloé put together. She’s been a bunch of times. It also helps that she speaks French fluently, so I hope I can count on her to keep me from paying too much if and when I go crazy buying stuff at Longchamp.


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