the summer wind

Violet margarita at Big Jones

Violet margarita at Big Jones

Quick rundown of the last few days. Lazy, I know, but I’ve been busy this week.

Monday: I went to a free screening of “Extract”. It was funny. You should see it. I’ll post a longer recap/review tonight.

Tuesday: Thom had a birthday. He wanted to go to Big Jones for an informal, impromptu birthday dinner. If you were to make a movie of that evening, you’d have to call it “10 Men and a Big Lady”, as I was literally the only lady at the dinner. So I deserve a prize? Oh no but you would be jealous if you knew their margaritas, their delicious delicious margaritas, cost only $5 on Tuesdays. I had a violet margarita. It was amazing. I took some pictures on my iPhone. They came out poorly, but I still posted them to Flickr and to Tumblr.

Wednesday: I saw “World’s Greatest Dad”. It was really fucking good. Go see it. I really mean it. I don’t know if the trailer really gives you a good sense of what the movie is like, which may be okay, as you don’t really want spoilers. The post-show Q&A with Bobcat Goldthwait (who wrote and directed the film) was the best Q&A I’ve ever been to. Lots of great anecdotes not just about writing and making the film but also about his career as an actor and stand-up. His story about opening for Nirvana was really great. When I got home from the movie, I stayed up and watched television instead of being a good girl and going straight to bed. I watched “Top Chef: Las Vegas” (which has been just slightly more boring than the current season of “Project Runway”) and a special episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” which highlighted the best 15 dances from the show’s history (I believe the current season starts soon). For real, these performances were spectacular. Made me wish I’d started watching the show sooner.

Another note about late night tv: The current cycle of “Roseanne” re-runs on TV Land is from one of my favorite periods — Mark and Becky have just gotten married and taken off, while Jackie and Roseanne have just opened the Lunch Box. One of my favorite episodes, “Good Girls, Bad Girls” should be running this week. Watch it for the laughs and a trip down memory lane to the heady days of the early 90’s. I mean, does anybody remember Daisy Chainsaw?

A note about Gapers Block: Gapers Block turns 6 this year, and you’re invited to the party. The party is Friday, September 4 at the Metro. Things kick off at 7pm, and admissions is FREE until 9:30. After which point, it’s a measley $6. Lots of bands and music and I will totally dance with whoever wants to. More information can be found here.

Some other stuff that demonstrates how awesome my friends are:

  1. The topic of vampires and their popularity in popular culture came up at Thom’s birthday dinner. Naturally, there was talk of “True Blood” and “Twilight”. While we were discussing the sexiness of vampires, and whether that was actually implicit in their nature, I wondered if vampires are capable of leaving hickeys. Seriously — is the suction they apply when feasting on someone the same kind as when they’re necking? Does necking have the same meaning for vampires as it does for humans? Do vampires even bother with hickeys or is that too juvenile for them?
  2. Last night I saw Jenni at the screening of “World’s Greatest Dad”. She was telling me about how her voice has deepened and gotten a bit hoarser, as she’s done a bit of public speaking this year. After we talked about sore throat remedies, we talked briefly about our voices maturing as we get older. I think I might have topped myself when I described the process as “our voices getting boobs”.

Seriously, folks, I’m fucking hysterical. BELIEVE IT.



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3 responses to “the summer wind

  1. I think I still have a Daisy Chainsaw flexidisk in my record collection somewhere. Although it may have finally been tossed.

    • I remember the name Daisy Chainsaw, but not much else. Though every time I watch this episode (and it feels like I watch it a lot), I always wonder if DC was really big enough at the time to fill “Roseanne” version of the Rosemont/All State Arena.

  2. talesofmy30s

    I like that time period of Roseanne, too.

    And voices getting boobs? HIlarious.

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