august flowers

I don’t think I mind this rainy, fall-like weather we’ve been having. I love rain, drizzle, thunderstorms, and most forms of precipitation. Except for hail, because that kinda hurts when it falls on you. Or, worse, kills you.

I’m sorry I haven’t written much in the last few days. Not that I’ve been without things to say. I just haven’t been able to type them up yet. Oh, but there is nothing like a rainy day to get me back in the mood for writing.

This is the dress I wore to Christine & Marshall’s wedding in Ohio last month. I wish I’d had these wedges to wear then. Not that I don’t love the Louboutin flats I ended up wearing then, but I like the extra height these wedges afford. Also, they are comfortable as, well, anything. I thought the floral pattern of the cardigan would clash with the dress but this morning, to my eyes, anyway, they are getting along nicely. I just wish the flourescent lighting here at the office was more flattering.


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