“I love your random, rambling little chronicles”

At times I’ve thought: Why do so many women present their identities this way? Are we putting ourselves down? What’s going on? I felt ambivalent. Have you ever had someone ask what you write about, and said, “Oh, I don’t know – just life.” After a lot of thought and reading, here’s where I’ve arrived:

Our little musings and chronicles defy categories and taxonomy. They’re a way of evasion. We won’t be pinned down. We don’t fit in a box. We’re explorers: we range broadly over any topic. We explore what we don’t know, rather than beating our chests about that one thing we know so well. We defy logic and structure. What we write about, that so-called nonsense, ranting, spewing, and trivia — “Just Life” — is incredibly important! Our patterns of rambling are an extraordinary assertion of our freedom to write, and include all of our experience, the parts that get left out of work life, or business, or relationships — or left out of history. Our everyday lives and thoughts are important – that’s something BlogHer has always recognized — that we’re writing history.

The use of “just” or “little” is certainly self-deprecatory; but that can be seen as humility. It’s declaring that we get to write and blog, though we aren’t experts with formal credentials. It’s an evasion of having to argue, to prove ourselves. To know what we’re saying, to be sure, to be right. We get to say what we want, no matter what. Randomness is a virtue.

I love your random, rambling little chronicles | Liz Henry | BlogHer


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