i ate that: Cafe Selmarie

Tonight, on the way home from work, I was in a bit of a funk. Not really sure why, but I was. I decided it probably wasn’t the best night to have dinner alone at home where I could stew, so I opted to eat out somewhere.

I ended up taking the Lincoln bus north, figuring I’d get out when it felt right. It felt right around Lincoln and Leland, just south of a cute strip of Lincoln Avenue that includes Merz Apothecary, Huettenbar, and Cafe Selmarie. Potbelly was not an option as I work opposite a building that has one, so I wanted something I hadn’t eaten in ages.

I chose at Selmarie, where I thought about getting dinner to go and then eating it elsewhere. But where would I bring it? Why not stay and enjoy the outdoor seating? So I did, taking a seat facing the area where small children played under the watchful eyes of their hipster parents. The Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce appeared to be hosting a dinner for its members, grilling burgers next to the fountain.

I sat outside, drinking some water and considering the menu. My fellow diners were mostly female. I wasn’t the only lady dining solo, so I’ll have to remember Selmarie for future weekday spinster dinners. But before I delay any further — the food!

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I don’t drink a lot, but this Stiegl-Radler, which sounded to me like an Austrian shandy, sounded so good. Guess what? It was delicious, and perfect for someone like me who has a dreadfully low tolerance for booze.

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Appetizer portion of mussels. In a wonderfully salty broth with perfectly toasted bread.

Mac & cheese

Mac & cheese

I think there were four different kinds of cheese involved here. Also leeks baked into the dish, so yay, vegetables. Wonderful.

The only sad thing is that I had no room left for dessert. Next time, I promise.


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