what i’m wearing: statement

Back in the late 90’s, I used to lurk on alt.fashion, a Usenet group that was about fashion, beauty, and style. At some point, it felt like the discussion devolved from sharing news about fashion industry and details on our own sartorial choices (“What am I wearing” and “What are you wearing?” being two of the biggest threads) to sniping about who had more money to wear whatever label names were splashed throughout pots from members with bigger bank accounts or higher credit card limits.

I discovered Polyvore last year, and it’s one of my favorite toys on the web. While some folks use it to collage fantasy outfits, fantasy vacations, fantasy lives, I use it to document what I wear most days of the year. I can see trends that emerge in my own dressing, though it sometimes raises more questions. Like, did I really carry the blue Longchamp tote for ten days in a row because I just loved it that much, or was it because my apartment is so fucking messy that it was the only handbag I could find?

I find this diagramming and charting to be a solitary experience. I need to find other folks to discuss fashion with (because this blog is strangely comment-light, and I have no idea how to change that). Do I miss talking style so much that I’d get back into alt.fashion again? For me, anyway, the time for that has passed.


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