lunch today

I had a two-hour meeting at work. We ordered sandwiches from Potbelly.

I love this checklist, stamped onto the brown paper bag in red ink, with the particulars circled in black marker. I like the scrawly handwriting as well.

Dessert was a bar cookie, “Sheila’s Dream Bar”. It was delicious but so greasy. I shouldn’t be surprised — the first item in the list of ingredients for the bar was butter.

Sad to say but I usually have something like this for lunch during the week. I know I should be eating salads and/or bringing food from home but I’m lazy and I need to clean my kitchen so I can actually use it to cook again on a regular basis.

What I need is an intern, a personal assistant, or anybody who is committed to figuring out what I should eat for every meal, order it for me, and then get money for me to pay for it. There are books, web sites, tv shows, that can all tell me what to eat, when to eat, but those things still require me to make a choice about what to eat. And when it comes to food, I often make shitty choices. They’re poor substitutes for this fantasy person who shows up wherever I am, at the correct time, to hand me my food and then politely buzz off until it’s time for me to eat again. At which point they reappear with something else nutritious, I hand over money, and I get to eat something that isn’t a big sandwich.


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