i like to watch: “Ponyo”

I finally saw Ponyo tonight. It was magical and lovely, funny and strange. I am so getting it when it comes out on DVD.

The evening was perfect, with my usual movie-going companions (Alissa, Jon, and Nite) along for the ride. We all held our breaths for that moment when the reels change, hoping that the backwards, upside-down issue of last week’s aborted screening would be avoided. When the movie proceeded normally, the audience burst into brief applause before getting back to the show.

I was having a great time until the end credits started to roll. The visuals of the credits were gorgeous as well as the main feature — beautiful pencil? chalk? drawings of scenes from the movies. The animation crew had tiny avatars next to their names, which was just so appropriate and adorable.

It was all great as long as you could avoid the screeching of Noah Cyrus and Frankie Jonas as they sang the English language version of the Ponyo theme song. Well, the theme song and the remix. Terrible. Almost as bad as the end of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian when Susan and Prince Caspian are making out (!) in front of, like, all the creatures they just saved and this awful cheeseball ballad starts playing. I looked up the movie soundtrack info and I suspect the offending song is actually “The Call” by Regina Spektor. But wait, I thought Regina Spektor wasn’t cheesy?

Anyway. Go see Ponyo. You’ll love it! Just remember to cover your ears when the end credits start to roll.


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